Forum Posting Techniques to Help You Promote Your Blog

Forum Posting Techniques to Help You Promote Your Blog

Guest post By Timothy Arends
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forum marketingA blog can be a great start to your writing career. It can allow you to express yourself and provide you with an outlet for releasing stress. It can allow you to share your experiences with friends, family or the whole world. You can even use your blog to sell things and make money.

There are many ways to do this: you can get commissions through paid advertising such as through an affiliate marketing network that will pay you for each click that visitors make to your ads, or you can blog on a freelance basis and get paid for each entry you write.

The most challenging part of blog writing is not the writing itself but the promoting of it to the rest of the world. The reason is competition. The World Wide Web is already swarming with blogs — blogs about love, relationships, gadgets, politics, humor and so on.

No matter the subject, you will need to have a lot of people visiting your blog every day. This can be a daunting task as you will need to stand out from the millions of other blogs online. You’ll also need to sustain your traffic by continually adding to your content, keeping it useful and fresh and not flagging in your marketing efforts.

What can you do to enhance the traffic of your blog and attract readers? There are many promotional techniques, and one of them is using forums to promote your blog.

By participating in the discussion on the forums, a diversity of people will be alerted to the existence of your blog, which means more people will access your blog and maybe even link to it on their own websites.

Forums are helpful because they are interactive. Forum members may communicate which blogs they find helpful or entertaining to each other. It’s just another way of boosting your blog’s popularity.

Here are a few tips to follow when posting to the forums.

  • Always pick a forum that is related to your blog. It may seem like common sense, but many bloggers make the mistake of spamming blogs in an effort to spread news of their blogs faster. This will only alienate your potential market and make you appear desperate.
  • Avoid text lingo and watch your spelling. You may think your target audience is young and uninterested in such things, but if you cannot spell or write using proper grammar, how will people trust what you have to say in your blog or see you as a credible source of quality information?
  • A voice dictation program like Dragon Dictate for Mac or Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC can be enormously helpful with this, and it works with any other software, such as a web browser. Rather than having to pound out responses l-e-t-t-e-r b-y l-e-t-t-e-r, you can simply talk, as if chatting with a friend, and your words will be automatically converted into text. (Voice dictation will not make spelling errors but it will make homonym errors, so you should proofread your posts carefully.)
  • Most of all, help people. You can put your blog address in your signature, but your primary focus should be on helping others to solve their problems. If you show that you are interested in the well-being of others, they will be more interested in you and what you have to say.
  • Don’t be heavy-handed about promoting yourself in your signature. read the forum rules before you attempt to link to your blog. Some forums will allow outward links and others won’t and some may allow links only after you have proven that you are a helpful member of the community.

8 Ways to Make Money Online!

8 Ways to Make Money Online

By Kristi  •     Filed Under: How to Earn


If you have spent any amount of time researching ‘how to make money online’ then you know there is a LOT of information out there, and you probably have a few ideas.  You just need to take the first steps to getting there.  You see the ads out there that promise ‘easy’ and ‘quick’ money- easy my rear! Making money online is never easy!  The people that actually make money online work thier butts off every day doing it.

First you need to quit googling, yahooing, and binging ways to make money online, and start putting what you ave read into use, this list is just ideas, to get you started, to give you some guidance.  There is always more than one way to do something, just because I list a few sites to get you started does not mean they they are the only ones, or even the best ones- the internet is HUGE, there are a lot of things you can do for money- just DO IT.  Ok, in no particular order, here are my favorite ideas for making money online:

1. Freelancing

Working for others preforming jobs, you can be a writer, designer, consultant, etc. Basically selling some type of service to others.  You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. joining freelance job sites like where companies and people post jobs and allow you to bid on them is one way.  You can also look into the micro freelancing like I wrote about in my post about Fiverr and Microtasking.  Offering your services on your own website is another promotion method for freelancing but that takes a bit more work on your part.

2. Blogging

I am sure you have heard this one, but it is an option regardless. However, making money blogging is NOT easy or fast.  It can be difficult and will take time and lots of determination, but if you put in the effort and stick with it you will be able reap the rewards.  There are a lot of tips and sites I could list about how to make money blogging, but this is a idea list and this subject is just too deep to cover right now.  Stay tuned for a post I am writing all about getting started in blogging for income though.

3. Selling Your Photos Online

If you are a decent photographer then a good option is to sell stock photos, people are always in need of a good image to use in websites, blog posts, brochures and so on, and are more than willing to pay for the right image.  Using one of the mass-market sites below to sell your images results in many more sales because people tend to search for photos by keywords not by artist name, so having your pictures there (be sure to add many appropriate keywords) will put you right in front of buyers.  There are a lot of places to sell your photos on but the main ones to check out would be ShutterStockDreamstime and iStockphoto.

4. Write For Money

This is another one of those ideas that has a lot of details and places to sell your writing, so I will keep it short.  There are a ton of sites out there willing to pay you for well-written articles about just about anything.  Some places pay you up front, some places pay based on preformance (views or clicks on ads).  Some places to check into and sign up at would be Associated ContentHelium and Demand Media, and check into specific publications that may be hiring as well like Online Writing JobsPoeWar Freelance Jobs, and

5. Sell Your Stuff

Completely obvious solution here, but it is often overlooked.  I had a friend once that owned over 500 DVD’s, all bought new, watched MAYBE one time, and when he lost his job he struggled, one night the conversation turned to things he could do for money and I found out he still had all those DVDs!  He got on Ebay and sold nearly all of them and made much more than he expected… but he never thought of this before.  So think… what is in your house right now that you don’t love or HAVE to have?  Sell it! The safest places to sell would be eBay and Amazon, but Craigslist is another place, but be ready to really really watch who you sell to- don’t take checks or any other strange payment methods someone may offer you.

Also, once you get a handle on selling your own stuff, look into selling stuff you buy at garage sales and thrift stores, or even better talk to your friends and family and see what they have that they want to sell and offer to sell it for them and you keep 25-30% of the sale amount (be sure to get it in writing).

6. Sell Custom T-Shirts

If you are good at graphic design and artwork then you should look into designing and selling your designs as custom T-Shirts, there are a ton of sites out there to sign up and upload your designs and they will do the selling for you giving you a commission for every sale.  Some good looking ones I found were CafePress, Zazzle and SpreadShirt.  Doing a search on ‘sell t-shirt designs’ will show you some more but those three looked to be the most promoted.

7. Be a Life Coach Online

If you are one of those people that is good at dishing out advice then look into being a personal life coach for the online world. This isn’t an easy one to get into but could be worth the effort if you play it right.  There are certification programs out there to get certified in it but that is not a requirement- reputation is though so having a good website with a blog offering up good free advice as well as offering your services as a coach would be key.  A good example of a person building their reputation and offering life coaching services would be Pam from Escape from Cubicle Nation.  If you decide to go this route you will need to do some research to decide how and what areas to specialize in of course.

8. Be a Virtual Assistant

Freelancers and small business owners always need help running their business, but don’t want to hire actual staff- I have personally hired many types of virtual assistants to help with all sorts of business from managing my email, blog tasks, you name it.  You could do anything from making travel plans, accounting, phone calls, to even arranging for a house sitter. All from your home, working over email and the phone.  You can make $25 an hour or more depending on your field and how you promote yourself. A great article to get you started is at Entrepreneur magazine on being a Virtual Assistant and another one here.

There are plenty more I could add, but for now I will leave you to ponder those ideas- if you see something you want to try- do it, google it, read about it- then put it into action. All the research in the world wont make you money so when you have an idea don’t spend days and days reading about how to do it and never take action!

3 Ways to name your profitable blog

3 Ways to name your profitable blog

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Before you decide on a blog name, it is very important that you think it through; here are 3 tips to name your blog for profit.

  1. Pick your own name, for example Susan Lauren.While this might take a little work on your part to get your blog branded, your readers would come to your blog to hear what you have to say. If you decide to change the direction of your blog, say for example, you now want to blog about marketing instead of fashion, your readers will likely stick with you. Also if you go about using your name, your friends can find your blog easily. You might have to train some of your readers to remember or pronounce your name, but hey it worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, once they see it a couple of times, they will remember your blog name. Another good example of a blog using a name is
  2. Using a topic keyword as your blog name: This is another way your blog  this way people know what you are going to be writing about, search engines would more than likely index your site using the keyword. This happens to be a favorite of mine. Good examples of sites using keywords are moneyhungrymomma (once you see the key word money you then get the idea of what the blog is about), other good examples are engadget (keyword here is gadget), Iwillteachyouttoberich (keyword teach and rich)  and Remakablogger (keyword again blogger) .
  3. Avoid using names that are so generic no one knows what it is you are talking about, a  good example is “an information blog” Okay a blog named “Informationblog” is such a generic name, regardless of content, readers would look at the blog name with confusion. What is the point of  you blog, what information are you trying to relay?

Now here is a thought that you ought to understand when deciding to create a blog, pick something you are passionate about, not just because it is going to make money.That way you would have topics to blog about long term. I am passionate about learning about various ways to earn a living online and showing you what I have learned along the way; perhaps I can also learn from you too. What does your blog say about you?

Ended- Win 6 months of Free Hosting with @Site5

Ended- Win 6 months of Free Hosting with @Site5

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And the winner of 6 months free hosting with Site5 is…..

Pam at Country Mouse, City Mouse!

We used the wordpress plugin ‘And the Winner is” to randomly pick a commenter and verify all the requirements were met. Here is a screenshot of the results:

To announce the launch of Money Hungry Momma we will be running three exiting launch giveaways to welcome you to the new blog!  The first in the series of giveaways is six months of free hosting from my favorite host, Site5!    The site 5 plan allows UNLIMITED websites/domains, bandwidth, and disk space so you can host all of your blogs in one account.  See more of the details of the HostPro + Turbo account you will be winning here.

I have been using them as a host for several of my newer sites  and have had no problems. Anytime  I needed help with something technical ( I am definitely no technie) support was very quick to respond via email, and on the various times I was on hold it was never for long when I was connected to a real human.   They have been amazing from day one and will even transfer all of your blogs/sites over to them for you.   I will be writing a more detailed review of Site5 soon but until then check out the verified reviews on to see what others are saying.

The Giveaway

Super easy entry, simply ‘like’ us on facebook and leave a comment saying you did!

Extra Entries

Only the above is required to enter to win, but for extra chances to win you can do one or more of the options below! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Blog about this giveaway on your site, linking both and for 10 extra entries (be sure to leave 10 comments to claim your ten entries)
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  • Subscribe to Money Hungry Momma via RSS or email subscription (Leave a comment for your extra entry)
  • Leave a relevant comment on any other post on the blog and claim a extra entry for each comment by commenting on this post (no generic comments will be accepted)
  • Stumble, facebook ‘like’, digg, reddit, buzz, etc. this post on your choice of social media sites for a extra entry per vote (remember to leave a comment for each to claim your entry.)
  • If you have a creative way to promote this giveaway let me know and I will assign you the extra entries depending on your idea!

While entering is simple, the main thing to remember with blog giveaways is to leave a comment for every entry method you utilize, this is to claim your ‘ticket’ to win.  At the end of the giveaway I will be using a random number generator to pick a comment number and once it has been verified that that comment has completed the required entry hen they will be emailed as well as announced on the blog.

This giveaway will end on February 23rd, 2011 so be sure to get your entries in before that date!

Stay tuned for the posting of two more amazing giveaways later today!

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