3 Ways to name your profitable blog

3 Ways to name your profitable blog

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Before you decide on a blog name, it is very important that you think it through; here are 3 tips to name your blog for profit.

  1. Pick your own name, for example Susan Lauren.While this might take a little work on your part to get your blog branded, your readers would come to your blog to hear what you have to say. If you decide to change the direction of your blog, say for example, you now want to blog about marketing instead of fashion, your readers will likely stick with you. Also if you go about using your name, your friends can find your blog easily. You might have to train some of your readers to remember or pronounce your name, but hey it worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, once they see it a couple of times, they will remember your blog name. Another good example of a blog using a name is Perezhilton.com
  2. Using a topic keyword as your blog name: This is another way your blog  this way people know what you are going to be writing about, search engines would more than likely index your site using the keyword. This happens to be a favorite of mine. Good examples of sites using keywords are moneyhungrymomma (once you see the key word money you then get the idea of what the blog is about), other good examples are engadget (keyword here is gadget), Iwillteachyouttoberich (keyword teach and rich)  and Remakablogger (keyword again blogger) .
  3. Avoid using names that are so generic no one knows what it is you are talking about, a  good example is “an information blog” Okay a blog named “Informationblog” is such a generic name, regardless of content, readers would look at the blog name with confusion. What is the point of  you blog, what information are you trying to relay?

Now here is a thought that you ought to understand when deciding to create a blog, pick something you are passionate about, not just because it is going to make money.That way you would have topics to blog about long term. I am passionate about learning about various ways to earn a living online and showing you what I have learned along the way; perhaps I can also learn from you too. What does your blog say about you?

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